We believe that professionalism and expertise that backed up with genuine commitment
to the client’s best interest make us the company we are.

We Lead Development Land, Inc.

We Lead Development Land, Inc. (WLDLI) is a fast-growing development firm based in Quezon City, Philippines. It develops sophisticated yet cost-efficient commercial and residential properties.

Backed by educated practitioners in human behaviors, sociology community development and engineering, our vision is to create “life-nurturing structures” that truly appreciate over time.

WLDLI is different from other land developers because of YOU. We start our projects with your “soul” in mind. We listen to you, your ideas and incorporate them into a design — anchored on a vision of your current challenges as well as projected future engagements.

The objective is not the construction itself but the post-construction phase when the dwellers get to test how life-nurturing their new abode is.

From the initial stage of finding themselves at home with the structure built around their personalities and ambitions, the dynamics continue as they blend and mingle with other co-dwellers of the same aspirations and, thus, creating a community of dwellers happy to be nestled with people of the same feather — families having fun and who are meant to stay together for a long period of time.

WLDLI started to envision a multifaceted learning facility that will restore one’s body, mind, and soul. Thus, Camp Benjamin was established.

Camp Benjamin is a representation of exquisite architecture, good space management and delicate taste, the next top-of-mind, one-stop venue and destination in the Philippines for Filipinos and Foreigners alike. Nestled in the luscious town of Alfonso in Cavite, this 4.7 hectare multi-purpose facility, with an adjacent 9.1-hectare integrated and natural farm, has its program devised for worry-free and all-in-results that will benefit your mind, body, and soul in an extremely fun environment.